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Norwich InterFaith Link is a meeting point for people of diverse religions, cultures and communities, to share experiences and beliefs. In new friendships and shared concerns, bonds of trust are born. We try to meet at least eleven times a year, for talks on challenging topics, visits and discussions on issues of common concern.

Day of Prayer


'Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch. Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship.’
(Bahá’i Writings)


The unique impact of the Corona virus has starkly revealed the importance of human love and kindness, wisdom and sharing. The interdependence of the people and nations of the earth is an accomplished fact. ‘The welfare of the part means the welfare of the whole, and the distress of the part brings distress to the whole.’ A relief to the fear and anxiety we see around us can be achieved in unity, love and empath. Unified thought and action right now is key for the healing of the world. Take any moment, a space on a day to share a prayer or reading with others, and reflect on our shared needs and hopes; our shared love and unity.

There will be no monthly meetings of the Interfaith group in the coming months during Lockdown when halls are closed and social gatherings are not permitted. You will be informed as soon as matters return to normal. Our best wishes for your health and welfare. Meanwhile can I bring to your attention an article from Lady Dannatt, the Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk, has written to all faith groups in the county.

Lady Dannatt has praised the long-standing role of faith groups in the community and has particularly asked for their help in regards to end-of-life care and mental health issues. Lady Dannatt wrote: “Faith groups are at the centre of our communities. One area that we will need to work together on is the issue of each faith’s requirement when it comes to end of life care, strict requirements for immediate burial in some cases as well as potentially managing a higher than usual number of deaths. There is equal concern about the effect of the crisis on mental health and those who may be feeling isolated and anxious. I would take this opportunity to thank you all for the crucial role you play in your communities. A multi-faith resilience plan for Norfolk is being drawn up, with Aylsham Anglican priest, Rev David Hagan-Palmer, contacting faith groups in due course and if you have any questions or queries, please contact him either via his email, or his Norfolk County Council support team at

Bishop of Norwich reaches out to other faith leaders

“I write to assure you and your community of my prayers over the coming weeks and months,” wrote Bishop Graham Usher.

“I have been deeply moved by the ways in which communities across the county have found imaginative and creative ways to live out their faith and to gather together virtually through the use of technology. There are also incredible examples of people caring for their neighbours and new local community organising. “Yet there are many who are still in need, including the vulnerable and the fearful. Many of us will be concerned about individuals and family members, or about the corporate health of charities and the financial income to community life. In the coming weeks it is very likely that we will be increasingly ministering to the ill and bereaved. “Perhaps we will come to see this time, in all of its pain and challenge, as a sabbath rest for our souls, for our frenetic lives, and for the health of our planet. Perhaps it will be a time for our varied communities to look to do more together in hope and love,” said Bishop Graham.

Rt Rev Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich.



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Collaborative artwork created at the World Religion Day event run jointly with the Baha'i community in January 2017. Picture: Ruth Kenyon.

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